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By Jessica Parker

My grandmother, whom I affectionately call “Nana Banana”, and I share several similar interests. One of which is a love of an afternoon spent at the movie theater with a warm bag of popcorn and a good movie on the screen between us.  I remember spending summer days with her when she would sometimes treat us to lunch and not one, but two afternoon movies! It’s safe to say I still enjoy going out for this treat and would love if you would join me.

Jacksonville has several excellent theaters and there are tons of movies to see for anyone’s interests! If you or your loved one would like to schedule a movie date with me, please contact today. Eventful has a great resource HERE where you can search by date, theater, and movie of your choice.

I hope this resource helps and I hope you have a great day!

About Jessica Parker
I am a happy, healthy professional living in beautiful Atlantic Beach, FL. I am dedicated to providing great care and services for seniors and I strive to do good each day!

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