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By Jessica Parker

WOW! These senior ladies take flight for the first time in their seventies and the experience is joyful to say the least.  Please take a look at this video and see how these lovely ladies, An and Ria, work with Vodafone Firsts to face their fears and live life to the fullest.

I believe traveling the world and meeting new people is a blessing and should be enjoyed by everyone as much as possible. If you or your loved one would enjoy traveling with a kind and skilled professional, please contact today to set up your trip of a lifetime!

At the very least please remember we can always choose to be happy, we can surround ourselves with good people,  and each day can be great!

Would you or your loved one enjoy this video? Please share TODAY and CONTACT NOW for more information or to schedule me as your VACATION COMPANION!

Photo credit: Sean MacEntee / Foter / CC BY

About Jessica Parker
I am a happy, healthy professional living in beautiful Atlantic Beach, FL. I am dedicated to providing great care and services for seniors and I strive to do good each day!

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An & Ria’s First Flight