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By Jessica Parker

Are you or your loved one ready for an electric wheelchair or scooter but have questions about how to pay for it? I recently came across an article featured on The Huffington Post entitled, “How to Get a Medicare-Covered Power Scooter or Wheelchair“. It is a simple and helpful quick guide that will assist you through first steps, where to shop, and what financial assistance may be available.

Mobility is key to remaining as independent as possible and I’ve seen firsthand just how helpful these devices can  be.

Please read the entire article here and let me know if you found it helpful!

Photo credit: nggalai / Foter / CC BY

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I am a happy, healthy professional living in beautiful Atlantic Beach, FL. I am dedicated to providing great care and services for seniors and I strive to do good each day!

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Medicare Covered Power Wheelchair/Scooter