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By Jessica Parker

There are alarming statistics that dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease cases are expected to double by 2030 and triple by 2050 (source). I sure do hope that is not true. I do know that there have been great improvements in our knowledge of how to effectively care for those struggling with dementia however.

Take this “Dementia Village” located in The Netherlands for example! CNN reports in the video below how residents who live here are treated to as normal and happy of a life as possible.

Here are a few of the details: There is a supermarket, a movie theater, a restaurant, a hair salon and plenty more community areas to enjoy. Residents occupy their own large bedroom and share living, kitchen, and dining areas with other individuals that have similar lifestyle interests. To be admitted, the resident has to be clinically diagnosed as having “severe dementia.” The community is employed by staff specifically trained to care for these types of individuals and outnumber the residents two to one. They “act” as neighbors, friends, and ordinary workers to help the residents achieve maximum independence and dignity. The village is a closed environment meaning the residents cannot wander out accidentally and have no need to; all of their needs can be met within. Currently, this model is comparable in price to other nursing care communities and is adaptable to any region and culture of the world.

It is special in that it truly looks, feels, and IS a safe, healthy, and happy community.

This impressive and intelligently designed “dementia village” is named Hogeweyk. You can view their website here.

For more photos and information, here is another great article by Twisted Sifter.

Dawn Senior Services provides Alzheimer’s and dementia related care in line with the values and philosophies of this community. For more information on the dignified care I can provide, please contact today!

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I am a happy, healthy professional living in beautiful Atlantic Beach, FL. I am dedicated to providing great care and services for seniors and I strive to do good each day!

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Impressive and Intelligently Designed “Dementia Village”